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Quotes are a wonderful medium for wisdom and common sense. They also offer inspiration, motivation, comfort and laughter. There are a lot of quotes out there so, after some consideration, we've decided to limit the quotes on this page to just Arabian quotes or Islamic quotes. Why? Because that is what this site is about: Easy Arabian and Islamic reference.

If there's a favorite quote of yours you'd like to see here, or you'd like for us to look up, please contact us and let us know. We'd love to hear it!

The quotes will be arranged top-to-bottom from newest-to-oldest in sets of four (to make them easeier to browse). Enjoy!
  1. "Heroes always die standing." - Saeed Taqi Al-Deen 3[357].
    ----- Original: "الأبطال يموتون واقفين دائماً".
  2. "Fears are worse than reality." - Arabian proverb 4[I-374].
    ----- Original: "الحذر أشدُّ من الوقيعة".
  3. "Behind every great man is a woman - telling him he is not great." - Arabian proverb 3[563].
    ----- Original: "وراء كل رجل عظيم امرأة - تقول له لست عظيماً".
  4. "He who speaks of that which does not concern him, will hear that which does not please him." - Arabian proverb 3[526].
    ----- Original: "من تكلم بما لا يعنيه سمع ما لا يرضيه".

  5. "Shunn matches Tabaqa." - Arabian proverb (Read the story).
    ----- Original: "وافق شنٌ طبقة".
  6. "Love is neither sold nor bought." - Arabian proverb 3[557].
    ----- Original: "المحبة لا تباعُ و لا تُشترى".
  7. "My wages are like Sinmar's." - Arabian proverb. (Read the story).
    ----- Original: "جزائي جزاء سنمار".
  8. "Silence is a sign of approval." - Arabian proverb 3[344].
    ----- Original: "السُكُوت علامةُ الرِّضى".

  9. "Socialize like brothers, do business like strangers." - Arabian proverb 4[I-266].
    ----- Original: "تعاشروا كالإخوان، و تعاملوا كالأجانب".
  10. "If you become angry, stay silent." - Arabian proverb 3[467].
    ----- Original: "إذا غضِبت فاسكت".
  11. "Beware the prayers of the weak." - Arabian proverb 4[I-267].
    ----- Original: "اتقِ مجانيق (دعوات) الفقراء".
  12. "Emotion trusts in a month, intellect in an eon." - Arabian proverb 3[443].
    ----- Original: "ثِقة العاطفة شهر، و ثِقة العقِل دهرٌ".

  13. "He who boasts, lacks intellect." - Arabian proverb.
    ----- Original: "اللي يجخ ما عنده مخ".
  14. "Patience is beautiful." - Arabian proverb.
    ----- Original: "الصبر جميل".
  15. "Whoever digs a pit for his brother, will fall in it." - Arabian proverb.
    ----- Original: "من حفر حفرة لأخيه وقع فيها".
  16. "A friend (is known) in times of trouble." - Arabian proverb.
    ----- Original: "الصديق في الضيق".

  17. "Whoever speaks ill (of others) before you speaks ill (of you) behind your back." - Arabian proverb 3[612].
    ----- Original: "من يغتب في حضرتك يغتبك".
  18. "Like selling fish in the sea." - Arabian proverb 2[27/64].
    ----- Original: "مثل اللي يبيع سمك في البحر".
  19. "He who sows kindness, reaps gratitude." - Arabian proverb 3[51].
    ----- Original: "من يزرع المعروف يحصد الشكر".
  20. "The son of a duck floats." - Arabian proverb 2[40/51].
    ----- Original: "ابن البط عّوام".

  21. "To me, regretting forgiveness is better than regretting punishment." - Ja'afr Al-Saadiq 3[437].
    ----- Original: "لأن أندم على العفو خيرٌ من أن أندم على العقوبة".
  22. "The beginning of anger is madness and the end of it is regret." - Arabian proverb 3[467].
    ----- Original: "أول الغضب جُنون و آخره ندم".
  23. "If I had not been a king, I would have been a teacher." - King Faisal the First 3[579].
    ----- Original: "لو لم أكن ملِكاً لكُنتُ مُعلماً".
  24. "Whoever rewards people with slyness is rewarded with treachery." - Umar Al-Mukhtaar 3[582].
    ----- Original: "من كافأ الناس بِالمَكرِ كافأوه بالغَدر".

  25. "The best beauty is beautiful manners." - Arabian proverb 3[193].
    ----- Original: "أحسن الحُسن حُسن الأدب".
  26. "He who knows little joy finds peace/rest in death." - Arabian proverb 7[169].
    ----- Original: "من قل سُرُوره ففي الموت راحته".
  27. "What the wind brings, the whirlwind takes." - Arabian proverb 1[34/57].
    ----- Original: "ما تجيبه الريح تأخذه الزوابع".
  28. "He who sees you as his equal has not wronged you." - Arabian proverb 3[566].
    ----- Original: "من ساواك بنفسه ما ظلمك".

  29. "If a beautiful woman is a jewel, then a good woman is a treasure." - Mahmood Abbas Al-A'aqad 3[563].
    ----- Original: "إذا كانت المرأة الجميلة جوهرة، فالمرأة الفاضِلة كنزٌ".
  30. "A man is known by his manners, not his clothes." - Arabian proverb 2[19/72].
    ----- Original: "المرء بِآدابه لا بثيابه".
  31. "A prince's dog is a prince." - Arabian proverb 3[554].
    ----- Original: "كلب الأمير أمير".
  32. "A monkey, in the eyes of its mother, is a gazelle." - Arabian proverb 2[62/29].
    ----- Original: "القرد في عين أُمهُ غزال".

  33. "Luck comes to those who do not seek it." - Ali bin Abi Talib 7[68].
    ----- Original: "الحظُ يأتي من لا يأتيه".
  34. "He whose eye is empty will never feel full." - Arabian proverb 2[54/37].
    ----- Original: "اللي عينه فارغة ما بيشبع".
  35. "You'll find that people are minerals (e.g. some are gold, others are silver, etc.)." - Muhammad 5[618].
    ----- Original: "تجدون الناس معادن".
  36. "A goat, even if it flies!" - Arabian proverb 2[17/74].
    ----- Original: "عنزة و لو طارت".

  37. "Wealth: wishing for little and contentment with what is sufficient." - Arabian wisdom 7[52].
    ----- Original: "الغنى: قلة تمنيك، و الرضا بما يكفيك".
  38. "She (i.e. my daughter) is a part of me, I am upset by what upsets her, and I am hurt by what hurts her." - Muhammad 5[960].
    ----- Original: "فإنما هي بضعة مني، يريبني ما أرابها، و يؤذيني ما آذاها".
  39. "The best good deeds are those that are done promptly." - Arabian proverb 2[46/45].
    ----- Original: "خير البر عاجله".
  40. "He who fasts forever, does not fast." - Muhammad 5[339].
    ----- Original: "لا صام من صام الأبد".

  41. "False friendship is worse than evident enmity." - Arabian proverb 3[387].
    ----- Original: "صداقة زائفة شرٌ من عداوة مبينة".
  42. "For every illness there is a cure." - Arabian proverb 3[384].
    ----- Original: "لكل داءٍ دواء".
  43. "The sweetness of triumph erases the bitterness of patience." - Ali bin Abi Talib 3[380].
    ----- Original: "حلاوة الظّفرِ تمحو مَرارة الصّبر".
  44. "Work that tires is better than an idleness that ruins." - Arabian proverb 3[458].
    ----- Original: "عملٌ يُجهِد و لا فراغٌ يُفسِد".

  45. "Health is a crown that the healthy wear but only the ill perceive." - Arabian proverb 3[384].
    ----- Original: "الصحة تاج على رؤوس الأصحاء لا يراه إلا المرضى".
  46. "We gave him permission (to enter the house), so he came in and brought his donkey, too." - Arabian proverb 1[22/69].
    ----- Original: "سمحناله، فات و فوت حماره".
  47. "Go tile the sea" - Arabian dismissal 2[66/25].
    ----- Original: "روح بلط البحر".
  48. "The worst of our faults is our interest in other people's faults." - Ali bin Abi Talib 3[611].
    ----- Original: "شر عيوبنا اهتمامنا بعيوب الناس".

  49. "The pen is one of the two tongues." - Arabian proverb 7[151].
    ----- Original: "القلم أحد اللسانين".
  50. "Sit crooked and talk straight." - Arabian proverb 1[8/83].
    ----- Original: "إجلس أعوج و احكي دغري".
  51. "A bald woman brags of her niece's hair." - Arabian proverb 2[74/17].
    ----- Original: "القرعة تتباها بشعر بنت أختها".
  52. "Four things can break you: A sultan you obey who leads you astray, a wife you trust who betrays you, a neighbor who if he knows aught good of you is silent and if he knows aught bad of you tells everyone, and inescapable, ever present poverty." - Muhammad bin Salaam 7[116].
    ----- Original: "أربع قواصم للظهر: سلطان تطيعه و يضلك، و زوجة تأمنها و تخونك، و جار إن علم خيراً ستره، وإن علم شراً أظهره، و فَقر حاضر لا يجد صاحبه متلدداً".

  53. "A wolf (is friends) with a hyena." - Arabian proverb 4[II-14].
    ----- Original: "الذئب للضبع".
  54. "Two are never satisfied: He who seeks knowledge, and he who seeks wealth." - Ali bin Abi Talib 3[546].
    ----- Original: "إثنان لا يشبعان: طالب علم و طالب مال".
  55. "Soft words will soften hearts that are harder than stone, and rough words will roughen hearts that are softer than silk." - Al-Ghazali 3[544].
    ----- Original: "الكلام اللين يُليّن القلوب التي هي أقسى من الصخور، و الكلام الخشن يُخشّن القلوب التي هي أنعم من الحرير".
  56. "God has set aside a portion of the rich's wealth for the poor, and a poor man goes hungry only because a rich man enjoys his wealth (instead of giving that portion away)." - Ali bin Abi Talib 3[546].
    ----- Original: "إن الله فرض في أموال الأغنياء أقوات الفقراء، فما جاع فقير إلا بما مُتع به غني".

  57. "The greatest mistake is to think you are above making mistakes." - Arabian proverb 3[304].
    ----- Original: "أعظم الخطأ أن تعتبر أنك منزه عن الخطأ".
  58. "Every sun has a sunset." - Arabian proverb 2[54/37].
    ----- Original: "كل شمس لها مغرب".
  59. "He who compliments you about something you lack, insults you." - Arabian proverb 3[300].
    ----- Original: "من مدحك بما ليس فيك فقد ذمك".
  60. "A woman's weapon is her tears." - Arabian proverb 2[11/80].
    ----- Original: "سلاح المرأة دموعها".

  61. "Her face sours milk." - Arabian proverb 2[25/66].
    ----- Original: "وجهها يحمض اللبن".
  62. "There are three things, a little of which is a lot: Fire, Enmity and Illness." - Arabian proverb 7[132].
    ----- Original: "ثلاثة، القليل منها كثير: النار، و العداوة، و المرض".
  63. "Marry your daughter to a God-fearing man, if he loves her then he will cherish her, and if he hates her then he will not treat her unkindly." - Al-Hassan bin Ali 3[327].
    ----- Original: "زوج ابنتك ممن يتقي الله، فإن أحبها أكرمها، و إن أبغضها لم يظلمها".
  64. "He who knows the world is not pleased (dazzled) by its decorations." - Arabian proverb 3[289].
    ----- Original: "من عرف الدنيا لم يفرح بزخارفها".

  65. "A mouth that prays, and a hand that slays." - Arabian proverb 4[II-472].
    ----- Original: "فم يُسبح، و يد تذبح".
  66. "Time is like a sword, if you do not cut through it, it will cut through you." - Arabian proverb 3[646].
    ----- Original: "الوقت كالسيف، إن لم تقطعه قطعك".
  67. "Opportunities pass by like clouds." - Arabian proverb 4[II-473].
    ----- Original: "الفرص تمُر مَر السحاب".
  68. "People are the enemy of anything they are ignorant of." - Arabian proverb 3[593].
    ----- Original: "الناس أعداء ما جهِلوا".

  69. "A free man's promise is a debt (that must be paid)." - Arabian proverb 3[637].
    ----- Original: "وعد الحُر دين".
  70. "Beware the prayer of the oppressed, for there is no veil between it and God." - Muhammad 3[414].
    ----- Original: "اتقوا دعوة المظلوم، فإنه ليس بينها و بين الله حجاب".
  71. "He who is forever lazy is forever disappointed." - Arabian proverb 7[84].
    ----- Original: "من دام كسله خاب أمله".
  72. "Enter houses through their doors." - Arabian proverb 1[66/25].
    ----- Original: "ادخلوا البيوت من أبوابها".

  73. "One hand does not clap." - Arabian proverb 2[42/49].
    ----- Original: "يد واحدة لا تصفق".
  74. "The donkey went looking for horns, and came back without ears." - Arabian proverb 4[II-22].
    ----- Original: "ذهب الحمار يطلب قرنين، فعاد مصلوم الأُذُنين".
  75. "A coal in the heart but not a tear in the eye." - Arabian proverb 1[46/45].
    ----- Original: "جمرة في القلب و لا دمعة في العين".
  76. "Telling the truth has left me no friends." - attributed to Abi Th'ar Al-Gaffari 4[II-505].
    ----- Original: "قول الحق لم يدع لي صديقاً".

  77. "The dogs bark but the caravan keeps moving." - Arabian proverb 1[17/47].
    ----- Original: "الكلاب تنبح و القافلة تسير".
  78. "A man in need is blind." - Arabian proverb 4[II-257].
    ----- Original: "صاحب الحاجة أعمى".
  79. "A hungry man dreams of the bread market." - Arabian proverb 2[38/53].
    ----- Original: "الجائع يحلم بسوق العيش".
  80. "Tongues stab like spears pierce." - Arabian proverb 4[II-288].
    ----- Original: "طعنُ اللسانِ كوخزِ السنان".

  81. "Whoever promises you everything, promises you nothing." - Arabian proverb 3[637].
    ----- Original: "من وعدك بكل شيء لم يعِدك بشيء".
  82. "He who pleases a tyrannical sultan, displeases a capable God." - Arabian proverb 7[19].
    ----- Original: "من أرضى سُلطاناً جائراً، أسخَط رباً قادِراً".
  83. "Chaos (strife) sleeps, God curse whoever wakes it." - Arabian proverb 6[59].
    ----- Original: "الفتنة نائمة لعن الله من أيقظها".
  84. "For every intellectual a lapse, for every horse a stumble, and for every sword (bearer) a disaster." - Arabian proverb 6[35].
    ----- Original: "لِكُل عالِم هفوة و لِكُل جواد كبوة و لِكُل صارِم نبوة".

  85. "He who sows enmity, reaps loss." - Arabian proverb 7[85(#140)].
    ----- Original: "من زرع العدوان حصد الخسران".
  86. "Words have a taste just like food." - Arabian proverb 1[45/43].
    ----- Original: "الكلام له طعم مثل الطعام".
  87. "Money brings the genie already bound." - Arabian proverb 2[30/61].
    ----- Original: "المال يجلب الجنّي مقيداً".
  88. "Bad language is the weapon of the low." - Arabian proverb 3[342].
    ----- Original: "سِلاح اللئام قُبحُ الكلام".

  89. "O' chicken thief, the feathers are on your head." - Arabian proverb 1[37/54].
    ----- Original: "يا سارق الديك فوق رأسك الريش".
  90. "If you are not a wolf, you will be eaten by wolves." - Arabian proverb 3[33].
    ----- Original: "إذا لم تكن ذئباً أكلتك الذئاب".
  91. "Before the arrows are loosed, the quivers are filled." - Arabian proverb 4[II-490].
    ----- Original: "قبل الرِماء تُملأ الكنائِن".
  92. "A beggar who sets conditions?!" - Arabian proverb.
    ----- Original: "شحات و بيتشرط".

  93. "Thought is a sea and wisdom is its pearl." - Abd Al-Hameed Al-Katib 3[486].
    ----- Original: "الفِكْرُ بحر لؤلؤهُ الحِكمة".
  94. "The hand of God is with the majority." - Arabian proverb 6[91].
    ----- Original: "يد الله مع الجماعة".
  95. "They insulted the rose saying it had a red blush to it." - Arabian proverb 1[18/73].
    ----- Original: "عابوا الورد، قالوا خده أحمر".
  96. "When poverty comes in the window, love runs out the door." - Arabian proverb 3[483].
    ----- Original: "عندما يدخل الفقر من النافذة يهرب الحب من الباب".

  97. "A drowning man clings to mountains of air." - Arabian proverb 6[7].
    ----- Original: "الغريق يتعلق بجبال الهواء".
  98. "He who pays his debts, rests his eyes." - Arabian proverb 1[8/83].
    ----- Original: "من سدد ديونه نامت عيونه".
  99. "Contentment is an inexhaustible treasure." - Arabian proverb 6[45].
    ----- Original: "القناعة كنز لا يفنى".
  100. "What is past is dead." - Arabian proverb 2[20/71].
    ----- Original: "اللي فات مات".

  101. "Time is the teacher of those who have no teacher." - Arabian proverb 3[646].
    ----- Original: "الوقت مُعلم من لا مُعلم له".
  102. "No answer is an answer." - Arabian proverb 1[46/45].
    ----- Original: "عدم الجواب جواب".
  103. "Do not wish for death. Either you do good things, then you can continue to do good. Or you do bad things, but you may yet find redemption." - Muhammad 5[1285].
    ----- Original: "لا يتمنى أحدكم الموت، إما محسناً فلعله يزداد، و إما مسيئاً فلعله يستعتب".
  104. "I am a prince, and you are a prince, but who will drive the donkeys?" - Arabian proverb 2[61/30].
    ----- Original: "أنا أمير و أنت أمير و مين حيسوق الحمير".

  105. "Settle your sea (i.e. settle your temper)." - Arabian proverb 4[II-290].
    ----- Original: "طأطئ بحْرَكَ".
  106. "A thousand curses will not tear a robe." - Arabian proverb 1[34/57].
    ----- Original: "ألف سبة ما تشق ثوب".
  107. "You are all shepherds and you are all responsible for your charges." - Muhammad 5[484-485].
    ----- Original: "كلكم راع و كلكم مسؤل عن رعيته".
  108. "Laughter that is reasonless, shows a person who is mannerless." - Arabian proverb 3[400].
    ----- Original: "الضحك بلا سبب من قلة الأدب".

  109. "A fool tires his feet." - Arabian proverb.
    ----- Original: "المغفل يتعِّب رجوله".
  110. "He who does not sit where he dislikes to sit as a child, will not sit where he likes to sit as an adult." - Ibn Abbas 3[266].
    ----- Original: "من لم يجلس في الصغر حيث يكره، لم يجلس في الكبر حيث يحب" ابن عباس:.
  111. "Advice can sting like a scorpion." - Arabian proverb 4[II-452].
    ----- Original: "في النصح لسع العقارب".
  112. "A day of honey and a day of onions." - Arabian proverb 1[67/24].
    ----- Original: "يوم عسل و يوم بصل".

  113. "He who steals an egg, will steal a camel." - Arabian proverb 2[37/54].
    ----- Original: "اللي يسرق البيضة يسرق الجمل".
  114. "The people of Mecca know its streets best." - Arabian proverb 1[48/43].
    ----- Original: "أهل مكة أدرى بشعابها".
  115. "He who plants thorns, will not reap grapes." - Arabian proverb 3[619].
    ----- Original: "الذي يزرع الشوك لا يحصد العنب".
  116. "Be different, be known." - Arabian proverb.
    ----- Original: "خالف تعرف".

  117. "Repetition will teach (even) a donkey." - Arabian proverb.
    ----- Original: "التكرار يعلم الحمار".
  118. "If you see the lion's teeth        Do not think the lion is smiling" - Arabian poetry 2[24/67].
    ----- Original: "إذا رأيت نيوب الليث بارزة       فلا تظن أن الليث يبتسم".
  119. "Patience is the key to overcoming troubles." - Arabian proverb 3[381].
    ----- Original: "الصبُر مِفتاح الفرج".
  120. "Justice is the basis of sovereignty." - Arabian proverb 3[423].
    ----- Original: "العدلُ أساس المُلك".

  121. "An ignorant man is his own enemy." - Arabian proverb 1[52/39].
    ----- Original: "الجاهل عدو نفسه".
  122. "If your loved one is made of honey, don't lick him all up." - Arabian proverb 2[10/81].
    ----- Original: "إذا كان حبيبك من عسل لا تلحسه كله".
  123. "There is no wealth like intelligence, no poverty like ignorance and no inheritance like (good) manners." - Ali bin Abi Talib 3[469].
    ----- Original: "لا غِنى كالعقل، و لا فَقْرَ كالجهل، و لاميراث كالأدب"علي بن أبي طالب: .
  124. "An idle man makes himself a judge." - Arabian proverb 1[54/37].
    ----- Original: "الفاضي يعمل قاضي".

  125. "They have gone beneath every star." - Arabian proverb 4[II-14].
    ----- Original: "ذهبوا تحت كل كوكب".
  126. "Everything young is beautiful, except the young of a scorpion." - Arabian proverb.
    ----- Original: "كل صغير حلو إلا صغير العقرب".
  127. "Silence is wisdom, and the silent are few." - Arabian proverb 4[II-229].
    ----- Original: "الصمت حُكم و قليل فاعله".
  128. "He who does not give mercy, does not receive mercy." - Muhammad .
    ----- Original: "من لا يَرحم، لا يُرحم".

  129. "The strong are not those who defeat others (with physical strength), the strong are those who control themselves when they are angry." - Muhammad 3[466].
    ----- Original: "ليس الشديد بالصٌرعة، الشديد الذي يملك نفسه عند الغضب".
  130. "Scientists/intellectuals are the heirs of the Prophets." - Muhammad 3[445].
    ----- Original: "إن العلماء ورثة الأنبياء".
  131. "It pleases God, if any of you does something, that he does it well." - Muhammad 3[455].
    ----- Original: "إن الله تعالى يحب إذا عمل أحدكم عملاً أن يتقنه".
  132. "(Inspect) The neighbor before the house." - Muhammad .
    ----- Original: "الجار قبل الدار".

  133. "Excuses are riddled with lies." - Arabian proverb 4[I-17].
    ----- Original: "إن المعاذير يشوبها الكذب".
  134. "The separation will be as regrettable as the company is joyous." - Arabian proverb 4[I-190].
    ----- Original: "بقدر سرور التواصل، تكون حسرة التفاصل".
  135. "He hit me and cried, then ran and complained." - Arabian proverb.
    ----- Original: "ضربني و بكى، سبقني و اشتكى".
  136. "(Even) A liar could tell the truth." - Arabian proverb 4[I-25].
    ----- Original: "إن الكذوب قد يصدق".

  137. "He who never tires, never rests." - Arabian proverb.
    ----- Original: "الذي لا يتعب لا يرتاح".
  138. "Clouds are not harmed by barking dogs." - Arabian proverb 2[22/69].
    ----- Original: "لا يضر السحاب نبح الكلاب".
  139. "A coward's doom comes from above" - Omar bin Mamah in a poem 4[I-14].
    ----- Original: "إن الجبان حتفه من فوقه"عمر بن مامة: .
  140. "Some words are like magic" - Muhammad 4[I-9].
    ----- Original: "إن من البيان لسحراً".

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