Muhammad bin Hisham and Muhammad bin Zaid - Good Deeds and Past Wrongs
Muslim Knights - Volume 1

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Kaan Ya Makaan, Fee Qadeem Al-Zamaan…
There was a Place, in Times of Old…

Called Mecca where the Abbasi Calipha, Al-Mansour, had gone for Hajj (pilgrimage). While there, he was offered a priceless jewel by a merchant hoping for a rich buyer capable of paying handsomely for such a rare stone. As soon as Al-Mansour saw the distinctive gem, he recognized it as having belonged to the deceased Amawi Calipha, Hisham bin Abd Al-Malik, who had passed the gem on to his son, Muhammad bin Hisham.

When the Abbasi dynasty had wrested power from the Amawi dynasty, its members had mercilessly done away with anyone unfortunate enough to have Amawi blood running through their veins. Muhammad bin Hisham, who had inherited the jewel, had miraculously escaped his relatives' grim fate. Now Al-Mansour was eager to find the last member of the Amawi dynasty and execute him, thus putting an end to the Amwais once and for all.

To this end, Al-Mansour turned to one of his henchman, Al-Rabi', and said, "Tomorrow when the people gather in Al-Masjid Al-Harram (the Sacred Mosque in Mecca) for prayer, close all of the mosque doors. Then as the people leave, look among them for Muhammad bin Hisham, and bring him to me."

Obediently, Al-Rabi' did as Al-Mansour had ordered him. The next day during prayer time, all of the doors to Al-Masjid Al-Harram were securely closed and guarded. After the prayer, people were allowed to leave one by one as their identities were confirmed. Muhammad bin Hisham, who had gone to pray in the mosque, found himself standing in the crowd, counting the minutes until he was found, captured and killed.

As Muhammad bin Hisham stood there with despair and fear chasing each other across his face, a man approached him and said quietly, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," replied Muhammad bin Hisham, shrinking distrustfully away from the inquisitive stranger.

"Tell me what is wrong, and I will keep you safe, inshallah (God willing)," the man reassured him.

Muhammad bin Hisham considered the man’s offer then asked tentatively, "Who are you?"

The stranger replied with dignity, "I am Muhammad bin Zaid bin Ali bin Al-Hussein."

Upon hearing this, Muhammad bin Hisham felt his heart contract with horror: The stranger so kindly offering his help and protection was a great-grandson of the Prophet PBUH. Muhammad bin Hisham’s ancestors, the founders of the Amawi dynasty, had soullessly killed the Prophet's grandson and ruthlessly fought and slaughtered his children and grandchildren when they had taken control of the Muslim nations.

Seeing the horror and naked fear on Muhammad bin Hisham's face, Muhammad bin Zaid realized who the man before him must be. As kindly and gently as he could, Muhammad bin Zaid tried to reassure the cornered man, "Do not panic. You are not the killer of my father or grandfather. I have no quarrel with you, and I will do my utmost to ensure your safety. However, you must forgive me for what I am about to do and say to you."

Still fearful, Muhammad bin Hisham nevertheless decided to put his life in the hands of Muhammad bin Zaid, a man who had kindly offered his help and protection to a complete stranger. Shrugging in resignation, Muhammad bin Hisham said simply, "Do as you wish."

Muhammad bin Zaid pulled off his cloak and threw it over Muhammad bin Hisham's head, making sure it completely covered his face. Then, with a couple of expert twists, Muhammad bin Zaid tugged his cloak and used it to pull the Amawi man helplessly after him.

As the two men neared the doors where Al-Rabi' and his men were searching the people leaving the mosque, Muhammad bin Zaid began to beat Muhammad bin Hisham wildly about the head. Still wrapped in the cloak, Muhammad bin Hisham trembled and cringed as he was dragged before Al-Rabi'.

Breathlessly, Muhammad bin Zaid addressed Al-Rabi', "Abu Al-Fadal, this man is a camel trader from Al-Kufah. He sold some camels to me but no sooner had I paid him, than he ran off with my money AND sold the same camels to some Khorasani people! I have witnesses to confirm my words. Could you lend me some of your men to help me take him before the judge and prevent the Khorasani people from leaving with the camels?"

Never imagining that a man whose ancestors were slaughtered by Muhammad bin Hisham's ancestors could possibly lend him aid, Al-Rabi' distractedly assigned two of his men to help Muhammad bin Zaid deal with the dishonest camel trader. "Escort him to the judge's court and see that the camel trader does not escape," Al-Rabi' instructed his men, already dismissing the spectacle before him.

The two men obediently escorted Muhammad bin Zaid, and his frightened prisoner, out of the mosque and all the way to the local judge's court.

When the small group of men arrived outside the court, Muhammad bin Zaid thanked Al-Rabi's men and sent them back to the mosque. Muhammad bin Zaid waited until Al-Rabi’s men had disappeared from view before he unwrapped his cloak from around Muhammad bin Hisham's head and told him with a reassuring pat, "You're safe for now, but you'd best be on your way."

Muhammad bin Hisham effusively caught hold of Muhammad bin Zaid's hands and kissed them gratefully, saying in reference to Muhammd bin Zaid’s illustrious ancestor, "God does know best who to choose to carry his messages!" Then he presented his rescuer with gems of untold worth and said with gratitude ringing clear in his voice, "O' son of the daughter of the Prophet PBUH, honor me by accepting these."

With a gracious smile, Muhammad bin Zaid demurred, "Keep your possessions, we are a family that does not accept rewards for good deeds. And beware that man until he leaves, he is determined to capture you."

Then the two Muhammads discreetly parted ways.

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  1. Names, Translations and Aliases:
      Al-Mansour: المنصور
    • Hisham bin Abd Al-Malik: هشام بن عبدالملك
    • Muhammad bin Hisham: محمد بن هشام بن عبدالملك بن مروان
    • Muhammad bin Zaid bin Ali bin Al-Hussein: محمد بن زيد بن علي بن الحسين
    • Muhammad : خاتم الأنبياء الرسول محمد صلى الله عليه و سلم

  1. Ibrahim, M., Al-Mowla, M., Al-Bajawi, A. (2011 AD, 1432 H). قصص العرب [Stories of the Arabs]. Beirut: Al-Maktaba Al-Assrya. Volume 262-263.

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