Kareem Salama - First Muslim Country Singer
Modern Day

Kaan Ya Makaan, Fee Hadir Al-Zamaan…
There was a Place, in Current Times…

Called Oklahoma, where Kareem Salama was born and raised. Growing up there, he was influenced by the "Southern, Western and Native American" cultures in addition to his own Egyptian heritage. Such diversity no doubt contributed to making him the open minded artist that he is, singing about peace, hope, love, forgiveness, tolerance and optimism. The positive messages in his music have made him a personal favorite and a great role model for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Initially, Kareem Salama had no idea of becoming a singer. He received a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, then went on to study law at the University of Iowa. While there, Kareem Salama sang at an ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) gathering. The feedback he received was so positive that, with the encouragement of his parents, he began looking for a producer to produce the songs he had written.

That is how Kareem Salama met Aristotle Mihalopoulos, with whom he developed a unique rapport. Together the two began writing music and lyrics that would later be released as the first of the Kareem Salama albums. As time went by the two became great friends, sharing a Mediterranean heritage as well as a love of music, boxing and philosophy. Their friendship and rapport made them successful musical partners, producing yet more wonderful albums including "Generous Peace" and "City of Lights".

It is worth noting here that Kareem Salama's music isn't purely Country Western, it also has Pop, Rock and Soft Rock overtones. So even if you're not really a Country fan, you'll most likely find many of the songs on the Kareem Salama albums to your liking.

But don't let me be the judge of that, judge for yourself by listening to some of Kareem Salama's songs using this widget:

Or by watching some music videos featuring the music of Kareem Salama:

Generous Peace Makes Me Crazy
A Land Called Paradise 1980 Something

Here are some of the Country songs he sings:

Peace Remain Baby, I'm a Soldier
This Life of Mine Hold On

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  1. Names, Translations and Aliases:
    • Kareem Salama: كريم سلامة.

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