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Kaan Ya Makaan, Fee Hadir Al-Zamaan…
There was a Place, in Current Times…

Where my sister yelled, "Come watch this video!"

Sighing tragically, I dragged myself over to watch yet another music video my sister thought I simply must watch.

When I sat down, I was pleasantly surprised that this video didn't feature a scantily clad woman or a man on steroids. Instead it started with a boy's face showing darkly on the screen. Then it cut to three men sitting around a table, writing. Then it showed a policeman shining a flashlight around the wheels of a huge truck. Then it showed the boy hiding under the truck. I was immediately intrigued. I love music videos that have a story line!

The music itself started with a memorable guitar intro, then the percussion started. Finally, one of the three men sitting at the table started singing in English. It was a kind of hip-hop/rap sound. The video kept flashing between the boy and the three singers. One of the singers sang in Spanish in addition to English. The chorus for the song was a little mournful. The video, the music, everything, immediately got stuck in my head. I later found the music resonating quietly in my mind at odd moments. It was haunting.

I decided I wanted to know more, so I got online and did a search. The song was "Walou" and the group was named Outlandish. It was based in Denmark and had been started in 1997. The three men from the music video were Isam, Waqas and Lenny. I stopped there. Most singers/band members have some scandal or other hanging over their heads as a matter of course. I was tired of all the drugs and stupidity that seemed to go hand in hand with any and all "artists" so I wasn't interested in knowing what these people did in their off hours. The music was catchy, the music video was memorable, good enough. I liked the music of Outlandish!

Months later, I heard "Come watch this video!"

"Oh, Good Lord! Not again!" I grumbled. I dragged myself over to watch yet another music video my sister thought I must see.

"Cool, huh?" my sister gloated when she saw my raised eyebrows.

"Hmm," was my erudite reply.

These guys must like tables, I thought. This music video, by Outlandish of course, had one guy walk up to a table and sit with the three members of Outlandish, one of whom had a little boy sitting with him. Again after a wonderful guitar intro, they started singing, in multiple languages.

Ironically enough, the name of the song was Aicha. It showed a girl with a scarf walking between two other girls, a blond and a brunette. It showed a variety of women some wearing scarves, some not, all beautiful. I was glad to see that the music video wasn't some preachy thing telling girls to cover or some self-righteous twaddle telling girls to uncover. The lyrics said it all: "So sweet, so beautiful, everyday like a queen on her throne, don’t nobody know how she feels..."

Back to the internet I went. I was going to look a little harder and see what I could find. Isam Bachiri, although Danish, had a Moroccan background and was a Muslim. Waqas Ali Qadri, also Danish and Muslim was of Pakistani descent. Lenny Martinez was Danish and Catholic but he was born in Honduras and was of Cuban and Honduran descent. No mention of drugs or scandal. Hmm. Interesting.

Over the years, this group has always been interesting. Their music is both entertaining and thought provoking. Their songs cover just about everything: modern day challenges, injustices, love, war, peace, faith, joy, sorrow, you name it. For a while I liked to think of them as the Black Eyed Peas of Europe. Then I realized that wasn't a fair description. Outlandish isn't the Black Eyed Peas of Europe, they are the Outlandish of the world. Even better!

My favorite Outlandish songs, in no particular order, are: Callin' U, Una Palabra, Aicha, Just Me, Look Into My Eyes, I Only Ask Of God...and more. After listening to some of these memorable songs, I dare you not to like this great group as much as I do!

Want to learn more about Outlandish? Follow them on their Official Site. Or buy some of their albums: Outland's Official, Closer Than Veins, Sound Of A Rebel.

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  1. Names, Translations and Aliases:
    • Isam Bachiri: عصام بشيري
    • Waqas Ali Qadri: وقاص علي قادري
    • Lenny Martinez.

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