Umaimah bint Subaih - For Love of a Son
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Kaan Ya Makaan, Fee Qadeem Al-Zamaan…
There was a Place, in Times of Old…

Called Al-Madinah where lived a widow named Umaimah bint Subaih. Singlehandedly she had raised her son, Abu Hurairah, after his father's death. She had devoted her life to her son's care and education and went against the customs of the day by foregoing any and all offers of marriage that came her way.

For Umaimah, her son always came first. Nothing was more important to her than her son's welfare. As a result, Abu Hurairah grew up to be a very intelligent man with a phenomenal memory, who cared deeply for his mother and did his best to honor her many sacrifices.

Umaimah and her son were very close, and they never disagreed about anything. Until the day Abu Hurairah became a Muslim. Then there were many, many arguments between the two. Abu Hurairah desperately wanted his mother to join his new faith. Islam was everything his mother had taught him to be and more. Yet Umaimah stubbornly resisted his attempts to win her over to his view of Islam. At her age, she said, it was too late, and would be too hard, to learn a whole new religion.

Abu Hurairah however would not be deterred, he tirelessly continued his proselytizing efforts with his mother. One day, Umaimah grew tired of her son's insistent words and lost her temper. She cursed Muhammad , the Prophet and Messenger of God who had brought Islam to the people of Mecca and Al-Madinah.

Abu Hurairah stood aghast as the man he looked up to and admired the most was insulted by the mother he cherished and respected. The pain he felt at his mother's intemperate words was writ large upon his face. Abu Hurairah cast a hurt and sorrowful look at his mother and then he fled.

Umaimah stood with her lips pressed together. Never before had she seen such a hurt look on her son's face and knowing that she was the one who had put it there wrung her heart. To think that one loss of temper could cause her son such pain. And for what?! She had no real objection to becoming a Muslim. She was just afraid of making such a big change in her life. But after seeing that pained look on her son's face...

Abu Hurairah meanwhile had fled, with tears rolling down his face, to Muhammad . Seeing how upset Abu Hurairah was, Muhammad tried to comfort him. Abu Hurairah told Muhammad about the argument he had with his mother and about his fears that she would never become a Muslim. Then Abu Hurairah hopefully asked Muhammad to pray for his mother.

Muhammad immediately lifted his hands and said prayerfully, "Allahuma, guide the mother of Abu Hurairah (to Islam)!"

Where once he felt sorrow, Abu Hurairah now felt boundless joy. If Muhammad , a Prophet and Messenger of God, prayed for Umaimah to become a Muslim, then Abu Hurairah knew his mother would become a Muslim! With a bright smile in place of his tears, Abu Hurairah rushed away to see his mother.

Arriving home in a great hurry, Abu Hurairah announced himself only to be told by his mother, who was in another room, to stay where he was. Hearing water, Abu Hurairah stopped and waited impatiently. When Umaimah came out to meet her son, she had washed and donned a scarf. With a soft smile on her lips and a look of deep love in her eyes, Umaimah said, "Ash'hadu ana la ilah illa allah wa ana Muhammadan abdahu wa rassulahu (I Witness that there is no god except The God and that Muhammad is his Worshipper and Messenger)".

Abu Hurairah excitedly and tearfully embraced his mother then ran back to Muhammad to tell him the wonderful news. Abu Hurairah delivered his news in a joyful rush then added breathlessly, "Pray to God that his worshippers love both me and my mother!"

With an indulgent smile, Muhammad again raised his hands and prayed in his deep, resonant voice, "Allahuma, make this worshipper of yours, and his mother, beloved by your worshippers, and make all your worshippers beloved by them."

From that day forward, Umaimah and her son, Abu Hurairah, lived a very harmonious life together. Much to her relief, Umaimah found Islam to be exactly the religion Abu Hurairah had promised her it would be. Becoming a Muslim came so very naturally to the loving and gentle natured woman that she never regretted her decision and was glad her son had never given up on her.

What's more, the second prayer Muhammad had prayed for Umaimah and her son on that day also came true. Not only did mother and son always love and care for both each other and those around them, but the people who knew them couldn't help but love them, too.

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  1. Names, Translations and Aliases:
    • Abu Hurairah: أبو هريرة.
    • Muhammad : خاتم الأنبياء الرسول محمد صلى الله عليه و سلم
    • Umaimah bint Subaih: أُميمة بنت صُبيح.

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