Fatimah bint Muhammad - Defending her Father
Lady Knights

Kaan Ya Makaan, Fee Qadeem Al-Zamaan…
There was a Place, in Times of Old…

Called Mecca where a man stood before the Ka'aba - a black cube shaped building at the heart of the ancient town - and prayed as the people around him jeered and mocked him. Yet this man serenely carried on his prayers, acknowledging in neither look nor manner any of his tormenters.

As everyone knows, there is nothing bullies hate more than to be ignored and dismissed. Abu Jahal, the leader of this particular group, was especially irked by the quiet serenity of the man praying before the Ka'aba. The man was a kinsman of Abu Jahal's, his name was Muhammad and he said he was a Prophet and Messenger of God. In quiet moments, Abu Jahal admitted to himself and others that he believed Muhammad when he claimed he was a Messenger of God but he would rather go to a thousand hells than follow the man he had been unsuccessfully competing with since they were both just children.

"Will someone go to the homes of such-and-such a tribe and collect the innards of the goats they slaughtered yesterday," Abu Jahal said with a predatory smile, "and bring it here and throw it on the back of that man?"

Uqba bin Abi Mueet eagerly volunteered and sped off to fetch what offal he could find. He returned shortly thereafter carrying two handfuls of the slick, reeking intestines of a goat and some other indescribable pieces of goat innards.

Following Abu Jahal's instructions, Uqba waited until Muhammad sajad (knelt and pressed his forehead and hands to the floor in prayer) then he tossed the two handfuls of slippery, bloody refuse onto Muhammad's back. Loud guffaws broke out all around the Ka'aba. To see such a quiet and respectable man as Muhammad thus treated amused the mean-spirited men no end. They howled their mirth like jackals and leaned against one another as they screeched and wheezed with laughter.

A young slave who was secretly a Muslim saw what was going on and quickly sent word to Muhammad's home. He hoped that someone there would come and do something about the unkind sport that was being made of Muhammad . He knew that if he himself acted he would most likely be killed for interfering in the sport of those who thought themselves his betters. Yet his heart bled for the kind man who had told him that all men were equal in worth, be they free or slaves.

To the spectator's amusement Fatimah, the young and spirited daughter of Muhammad , arrived at a dead run. When she saw her father with his face still pressed to the floor, still praying with the bloody refuse oozing on his back, she felt a terrible choking sensation rise in her throat. Hot tears rolled down her face as she rushed up to her gentle father and hurriedly cleaned the rancid entrails from his back as the spectators called out insults and hooted with laughter.

Fatimah knew that her father would never trade insults with these men. He always acted with such forbearance and he still harbored the hope that they would one day see reason and be moved by his arguments and the miracles he showed them. She was neither so hopeful nor so forbearing. She squared her shoulders defiantly, clenched her teeth and wiped the tears from her face with an impatient hand as her father quietly continued his prayer.

When the men called out fresh insults, Fatimah did something that shocked those present. She raised her bright, young voice to the self-satisfied cowards, who tormented her father knowing he would never lift a hand in self-defense, and she hurled insults back at them as hard and as fast as they fell. The men were incensed at the young girl's show of disrespect and fearlessness. They had never seen the like of it and they were at a loss as to what to do. They were all warriors and men of consequence and had never been spoken to in such a manner, especially not by a little girl.

As the outraged men discussed amongst themselves how best to punish this bold girl for her insolence, Muhammad finished his prayer and then raised his hands, palms up, and did what many a Prophet and Messenger of God had done before him: he prayed.

In a loud carrying voice, Muhammad said thrice, "Allahum'ma (Dear god), yours (for judgment and/or retaliation) is Abu Jahal bin Hisham and Utba bin Rabea'ah and Shaiba bin Rabea'ah and Al-Waleed bin Uqba and Umayyah bin Khalaf and Uqba bin Abi Mueet and so-and-so."

When Muhammad's strong voice died away, there was absolute silence around the Ka'aba, only the soft murmuring of pigeons could be heard. The men who had insulted Muhammad and called him a poet and a madman and a thousand other mocking epithets well knew that when he prayed, God always answered his prayers. Always.

With pale faces and fearful hearts, the now silent men dispersed from around the Ka'aba and slunk away to their homes, cursing their foolishness and wondering how high a price God would exact from them for their mockery and cruel jests.

In contrast, Muhammad turned with a soft smile to his youngest daughter, Fatimah, who had grown so brave and so strong since that first night when an angel had spoken to him and changed their lives forever. He gently took her hand in his and they walked back home in companionable silence.

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  1. Names, Translations and Aliases:
    • Fatimah (Al-Zahra'a) bint Muhammad : فاطمة الزهراء بنت محمد صلى الله عليه و سلم.
    • Muhammad : خاتم الأنبياء الرسول محمد صلى الله عليه و سلم
    • Abu Jahal: أبو جهل عمر بن هشام.
    • Al-Waleed bin Uqba: الوليد بن عُقبة.
    • Shaiba bin Rabea'ah: شيبة بن ربيعة.
    • Umayyah bin Khalaf: أُميّة بن خلف.
    • Uqba bin Abi Mueet: عُقبة بن أبي مُعيط.
    • Utba bin Rabea'ah: عُتبة بن ربيعة.

  1. Abd Al-Rahman, Aisha. (2007 AD, 1428 H). تراجم سيدات بيت النبوة [Biographies of the Ladies of the Prophet's House]. Cairo: Dar Al-Hadith. Page 455-456.
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