King Solaiman PBUH - The Valley of the Ants
Ancient Knights

Kaan Ya Makaan, Fee Qadeem Al-Zamaan…
There was a Place, in Times of Old…

Where a colony of ants busily went about their business, gathering all the food they could find and carefully transporting it back to their home for storage and consumption. This sizable ant colony lived in a lush and lonely valley and they flourished with no one to disturb their peace or interrupt their diligent work. Then one day, the earth began to vibrate and shake with the steady beat of many feet marching towards the once quiet valley.

King Solaiman PBUH and his army had traveled a long and weary road, yet they were nowhere near their destination. They still had a lot of marching to do and a lot of distance to cover. So they continued their orderly progress into the quiet valley unaware of the danger they posed to its countless tiny denizens.

"O' ants!" King Solaiman PBUH heard a small voice call out suddenly, "Enter your houses so that Solaiman and his soldiers do not crush you unawares!"

At first King Solaiman PBUH was startled, then he smiled and laughed softly when he realized that an ant had spoken those timely words of warning. As he thought about the ant's words, he thanked God for the ability to understand them and prayed that he would always be thankful and worthy of God's gifts.

Despite its small size and limited perspective, the tiny ant had recognized King Solaiman PBUH, a Prophet and Messenger of God, and understood what the thundering footsteps signified. Then the clever ant had warned its fellows of the danger they were in, and added, conscientiously, that King Solaiman PBUH and his soldiers would be unaware of the damage they did.

With all of these thoughts running through his mind, Solaiman PBUH continued to smile as he shared the ant's warning with his followers. Then in an unprecedented show of mercy and compassion, Solaiman PBUH and his vast army traversed that valley softly and with painstaking care, making sure that no foot or hoof disturbed an anthill where the myriad of ants had no doubt taken refuge.

As Solaiman PBUH and his army marched out of the valley and continued gallantly on their way, the ants all emerged from their untouched homes and safely went about their usual business.

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  1. Names, Translations and Aliases:
    • Solaiman bin Daoud (aka King Solomon): الملك سليمان بن داؤد عليهما السلام.

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