Musa PBUH - Rumors and Rocks
Ancient Knights

Kaan Ya Makaan, Fee Qadeem Al-Zamaan…
There was a Place, in Times of Old…

Where a Prophet and Messenger of God, Musa PBUH, found himself being ridiculed...again. He was a very modest man who always bathed separately from the other Israelites and was careful not allow anyone to see him unclothed. As a result, the people laughed at him and speculated on the reason behind his behavior. Soon wild rumors were circulating.

"No one would be so careful about covering themselves unless their skin is flawed in some way," the people said as they nodded knowingly to one another.

"Perhaps," said someone, "he has leprosy."

"Maybe," some snickered, "there is something wrong with his manhood."

"Or," said another group speculatively, "he is malformed or disfigured."

Musa PBUH had to listen to all these rumors every time he sought out some privacy in which to bathe. He faced the rumors publicly with stoic patience, and privately with deeply hurt feelings.

Proving the gossipers wrong may have seemed simple but Musa PBUH was too modest, and he simply would not compromise his principles to combat the hurtful gossip. So day by day, the rumors continued to fly and Musa PBUH continued to quietly endure the ridicule.

Then one day, God decided to intervene on Musa's PBUH behalf.

When Musa PBUH went to bathe that day, he found a secluded place as was his wont, then he undressed and carefully placed his clothes on a nearby rock. After he finished bathing, he walked up to the rock and went to pick up his clothes only to have the rock inexplicably roll away, carrying his clothes with it.

Musa PBUH caught up his walking stick and ran after the runaway rock, swiping at it with the stick in a desperate attempt to catch it and calling out, "My clothes o' rock, my clothes o' rock."

The rock meanwhile rolled merrily onward and finally came to rest in front of a gathering of Israelites. Musa PBUH ran up to the suddenly still rock and dressed hurriedly as everyone looked on in stunned silence. Embarrassed by what had happened, Musa PBUH began to beat the errant rock with the stick he held. He was so very vexed that he left several easily visible marks on the rock.

In that way, the gossipers saw for themselves that Musa PBUH was not only whole and healthy, but that he had a perfect physique free of any flaws. After watching him beat the rock they also realized that everything that happened was simply an accident and that Musa PBUH had not compromised his principles and given in to the pressure of the snide gossipers.

Thus the rumors and hurtful ridicule ended, thanks to a little divine intervention, and from that day on Musa PBUH was able to bathe privately and in peace.

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  1. Names, Translations and Aliases:
    • Musa (aka Moses) PBUH: موسى عليه السلام.

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