Sarah - Meets a Tyrant
Ancient Knights

Kaan Ya Makaan, Fee Qadeem Al-Zamaan…
There was a Place, in Times of Old…

Where a beautiful young woman, named Sarah, traveled with her devoted husband, Ibrahim PBUH who was a Prophet and Messenger of God. The brave young couple had abandoned the lands of their forefathers in order to seek out a new place of peace and tranquility.

As they journeyed, they passed through the lands of a tyrant king who had seeded the land with his spies. When word was brought to the King of the beautiful young woman passing through his domain, the King rode out to see this beauty for himself.

The King quickly arrived at the door of the kind people who had given Sarah and Ibrahim PBUH shelter for the night. He demanded to speak to Ibrahim PBUH without delay. Frightened and worried, the people brought Ibrahim PBUH to speak to the tyrant King.

"Who is that woman you are travelling with?" the King said without preamble.

Knowing that he would mercilessly be killed if he said he was Sarah's husband, Ibrahim PBUH decided to identify himself as her brother, and so he told the tyrant King.

"Bring her before me." the King ordered Ibrahim PBUH with a predatory smile.

Ibrahim PBUH returned to his wife and told her that the King had demanded to see her and then he added, "That tyrant asked me who you were and I told him that you are my sister. Do not say otherwise, because we are the only two people who believe in God," he said, "Thus you are my sister in God."

As Sarah bravely walked off to confront the tyrant, Ibrahim PBUH began to pray. He knew that God would answer his prayers, so Ibrahim PBUH prayed, with a heart filled with absolute faith, that God would protect Sarah when he himself could not.

The King looked upon the defiant beauty's radiance and was completely dazzled. He decided he would keep her for himself. After all, why should she not wish to be his? She had no husband to yearn for, only a brother who would surely be glad to win a King's favor.

The King reached confidently for Sarah but suddenly a sharp sensation flooded through his outstretched arm. He felt his arm grow numb and then it fell to his side, completely paralyzed. At the same time, a feeling of weakness and a tingling numbness started to crawl through his body.

Shocked and afraid, the King said to Sarah in a hoarse voice, "This is your doing, pray to your god to release me and I will not harm you."

Sarah obligingly prayed for the stricken tyrant. As soon as the last words of the prayer left her lips, the King suddenly felt his strength return and he could again feel and move his arm.

Dismissing what had happened a moment ago as a mere aberration, the foolish King again reached for Sarah, only to again be stricken with the same mysterious malady. His arm was again paralyzed and his body felt twice as bad as it had before.

Frightened again, he implored Sarah, "Pray to your god for me and I will not harm you."

Again Sarah kindly prayed for the stricken man. Again the malady that gripped him disappeared and the King felt as healthy as ever he had.

Not one to learn easily from his mistakes, the King again reached for the strange beauty only to yet again be stricken down with the same malady. Only this time it was three times as bad as the first time.

Choking on his fear, the King begged Sarah again, "Pray to your god and I will not harm you!"

Serene, Sarah again prayed to God. The tyrant King again regained his health. Only this time, he finally took heed of the events that had transpired and decided not to risk his health, and perhaps his very life, again.

The King called in his men and angrily upbraided them, "You did not bring me a human! You brought me a devil!"

The tyrant King then ordered his men to return Sarah to her "brother" unharmed. Wishing to appease this strange woman lest he again be stricken with that fearful malady, the King gave Sarah a bright young handmaiden of his court, named Hajar, as a slave.

When Sarah returned to Ibrahim PBUH, she found him still praying. Upon catching sight of his wife, Ibrahim PBUH broke off his prayers and went to her anxiously.

Sarah smilingly reassured him, "God has turned away the tyrant's schemes, and the tyrant has given us a slave. Her name is Hajar."

When the relieved couple resumed their journey, they took Hajar with them. Little did they know what a pivotal part the demure young handmaiden would play in their future and the future of the world.

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  1. Names, Translations and Aliases:
    • Ibrahim PBUH (aka Abraham): إبراهيم عليه السلام
    • Hajar (aka Hagar): السيدة هاجر رضي الله عنها.
    • Sarah: السيدة سارة رضي الله عنها.

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